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Our trainer halters are included with all groundwork consultations & Richard will demonstrates their correct use. Working on a pressure & release system, these halters are for training purpose only & should NEVER be used to tie up your horse - please use a traditional headcollar for this. We supply long ropes (& Richards own long line invention!) & happily replace any worn clips of those purchased from us!

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Train Your Young Horse

Build a solid foundation with your young horse using Richard's most recent training guide, from newborn foal to adult horse. This illustrated hardback book has four distinct sections approach specific problems with step-by-step sequences, explanatory captions & super practical tips!

£19.99 +P&P

Training Halter

Hand made by Max, this pressure & release halter is great for encouraging respect & excellent for teaching leading & load. Made of 8mm braid on braid marine rope, it enables the quick release necessary for teaching horses to give to pressure. Includes training DVD too!

£30.00 +P&P

Horseman's Halter

Again, this halter is hand made & uses the same pressure & release system. Made of 8mm braid on braid marine rope, it is ideal for horses who have progressed beyond the training halter & understand pressure yeild. Richard uses this on his horses further into training.

£20.00 +P&P

12ft Rope

Approx. 12ft long, this essential training line is made by Max from quality 14mm braid on braid marine rope & clip fitting. Comfy to work with & if the clip breaks (rather than your horse or your fingers!) simply send it back to us & we will replace the clip free of charge!

£30.00 +P&P

20ft Rope

Made by Max this 20ft rope is a training essential! Made from quality 10mm braid on braid marine rope, with brass effect clip. Light to work with & if the clip breaks (rather than your horse or your fingers!) simply send it back to us & we will replace the clip free of charge!

£30.00 +P&P

Long Lines

A Max-work essential! 30ft pair of good quality longlines, these have a soft feel webbing with a little give to the material. Smart blue & yellow colour & they have a nice weight which feels comfortable in your hands rather than weighing them (or your horses mouth!) down.

£30.00 +P&P

Position Two Rings

These rings attach to your saddle by the clips & enable you to put your long-lines through the rings. This enables you to work your horse in a more advanced position - your horse should be fit & far enough on in his training before use. These are not for novice horses!

£15.99 +P&P

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