2018 Courses

From learning groundwork skills to understanding why issues arise under saddle, Richard provides clinics across the UK & at home in Suffolk. Group sizes are kept to five maximum, ensuring everyone benefits from a great hands on experience, plus one-to-one time with Richard.


Ridden participation can be tailored, simply give us a nod in advance! What's troubling one owner often has relevance to others, making for an informative clinic which provides maximum benefits to everyone. There are also lovely tracks to hack round in the evening & we are always happy to advise which clinic will best suit you & your horse!

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Course Dates 2018

April 3rd & 4th -- Ground Work, Basic Halter Work & Longlining

May 8th & 9th -- Advanced Groundwork, Advanced Longlining & Connection to Ridden Work (you'll ride on this course)

June 5th & 6th -- Ridden course to include flat work, pole work & grids - all with rider happy heights!

July 10th & 11th -- For previously secure riders who've lost confidence (not new / nervous riders)

July 25th & 26th -- Loading Course. Bring your problem loader to learn how to apply groundwork to loading!

Each course includes both group & individual tuition, where Max spends one-to-one with each horse & owner (we don't bring in other trainers) & we've got nice hack tracks to let your horse relax at the end of each day. Limited turnout is availabe during courses, but is used at the sole responsibility of the horse owner. We accept no liability for horses on courses turned out.

Course Fees 2018

Two Day Course £350 per person.

Maximum of five people & horses to ensure everyone gets productive one-to-one time with Max. Courses include two days of training (both am & pm) stable, shavings a bodywork session for your horse & light lunch tea / coffee (for owners)

"A horse that performs with a happy & willing mind is a safer & much more enjoyable horse to be around. I take inspiration from many people & never stop learning! I'm always seeking something new to disseminate through my clinics & ensure my methods are easy for riders & owners to maintain daily in order to continually improve the relationship with their horses"...

"...Fantastic clinic!
Max is informative,
informal & funny -
pure brilliance!...”

For more information or to book on any of Richard's forthcoming clinics please contact us!