IMPORTANT NOTE : A training halter is included with all FULL consultations. At NO TIME is your horse to be tied up in the halter, it is a schooling aid only.


Consultations are approximately 3 - 4 hours, they are locational sessions designed around one owner and their horse for common handling and ridden issues, the most popular being loading issues.

Max (Richard) will work a loading problem to a conclusions so that the horse will load and with both him and the handler. There will be homework to do to cement the work.

With all other consultations you may need a follow up, this is not often - as long as homework is done we have a very high success rate for ongoing success.

We do not work with traffic issues, farrier issues or clipping issues.

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Max (Richard) will begin the session with bodywork, he will then train your horse in the training halter in an area away from the transport. This is to teach your horse the principle of pressure and release.

Once your horse is working well Max will take him/her to the transport and work through the issues. Once loading well Max will then work with you the owner/handler to make sure you are confident to proceed once Max has left.

There will be 7-10 days homework to ensure that you have many years of stress free loading. Ideally the box/trailer must be parked on a safe surface - NO CONCRETE OR GRAVEL.


Handling isn't just about having a polite horse, it's being safe & confident you are best equipped to approach potentially hazardous situations should they arise. Most handling issues can be resolved in one session, but Richard will advise on the day depending on the severity of the issue.


From basic schooling to more determined issues such as mounting, napping, bucking & rearing most will see improvement the same day, although Richard sometimes recommends a follow up (in addition to you keeping up with your homework!) Ridden consulations are 2-4hrs.

Follow Up Sessions

Where recommended (or if you'd simply like a top up!) follow up sessions are on an hourly basis, since the hardest work will already be in place. Shorter sessions can be booked when Richard is in your area, making a day of it at a central venue is a great way to be even more cost effective!


Within 1 hour travel of CB9 7AU - £350
Within 4 hours - £400
More than 4 hours - £450

This includes travel time and expenses, a bodywork session, a training halter and the session itself. Purchase of a 12 foot rope is recommended to continue the work once Max has left.

A typical consultation format would be a brief chat, Richard working with your horse, then working with you & your horse - followed by a summary & suggested work program.

There's a small discount available for those within an hour of Richard's base.

Social Media

Richard shares suitable insight freely on his facebook page (do check it out!). It's based on his lifelong experience, usually demonstrated on horses he owns & are covered by his, or owners insurance. While we encourage videoing consultations for your personal use, we request you don't share footage on any social media platforms or youTube.

"...over the last twenty years I have gone out of my way to learn what makes a horse tick & the effect that tension within the horse has on behaviour & performance. Take away the tension & you will find the referred discomfort disappear & can then use positive repetitions to teach the horse how to work through any related issues. "...

"...Max explains
in simple terms.
Results are there
for everyone to see...”

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