Based in Suffolk, Richard travels the UK (& abroad) teaching proven solutions to horse & pony owners of all levels & ambitions. Some would simply like to lead their youngster without being dragged through the muckheap, others need answers for issues under saddle & competitors learn techniques which can maximise wellbeing & performance.


Issues are not resolved by one clinic, demo, bodywork or consulation. Richard evaluates your horse & teaches you the tools to improve on a daily basis at home. If you think you need him back in a week, you've not done your homework properly!

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From learning groundwork skills to understanding why issues arise under saddle, Richard provides clinics across the UK & at home in Suffolk. Group sizes are kept to five maximum & everyone has one-to-one time with Richard.


A fantastic way for folks to get together & share their passion for correct equine training. In addition to being productive & cost effective, demos are sociable & great fun, offering insight into groundwork & ridden issues! More dates are being finalised, so watch this space!


We've probably all met a horse we think should feel better! Bodywork is the process of releasing tension & engaging our horse. It encourages them to seek active participation, rather than simply tolerating procedures being applied. Richard is an accredited Masterson Method practitioner.


Richard bases these tailored sessions around three to four hours. Working with you & your horse, these sessions tend to focus on specific areas (but feel free to ask other questions too!) The purpose behind consultations is to evaluate, demonstrate & teach a plan which you can implement & develop on a daily basis.

About Richard (Max)

Horses were an early interest & Richard starting riding aged nine before owning his first pony at the age of eleven. His love of all things equestrian remained through his first few years in the army, until he transferred to The Household Cavalry Regiment & swapped growling tanks for gleaming Cavalry Blacks! He became a Riding Instructor, training Life Gaurds subalterns & backing the young horses coming over from Ireland. During this time, Monty Roberts came to prominence & this provided Richard's introduction to natural horsemanship.

As Richard studied, adapted & incorporated the best of both natural & traditional methods of horsemanship, it quickly became evident to him that where a horses behaviour changes, pain is often the catalyst. "I don't think a horse wakes up one morning & decides he's had enough - there has to be more to it" Richard's explains, a sentiment that saw him begin considering a horse from a "physical first" approach. This decision connected Richard with Andy Andrews & Jim Masterson, later forming the foundation to Richard's Bodywork Courses.

Married to Sam, their son William followed in his dad's hoofprints, working towards his accreditation while training & competing as a young showjumper in Germany. Life in the Maxwell household is wonderfully packed with all things equine & revolves around Richard's absolute passion to teach & support across all levels of experience. Richard's friendly, open & often humorous approach engages clients & encourages questions, ensuring each horse (& owner!) gains maximum benefit from every clinic, course or consultation they share.

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